Hello, empty new blog.

This space is most pressingly intended to serve as a catch-all for my thoughts and pictures during my upcoming study abroad trip to London.  Once I return, I plan on continuing to utilize it as a way to share things I find funny or beautiful or worthy of interest.

This week, I am attempting to sort through the whirlwind of to-do lists in my head – if I am successful, I will leave Tucson on June 27th, and I will spend the night in Phoenix.  June 28th will see the first of three (or four, depending on how you count them) plane trips within three days.

Monday, I fly to Minneapolis to take part in a conference centered on our recruitment system.  (I am geeking out about this a bit already!)  I fly back to Phoenix on Wednesday night, after a full day of conference sessions.  Quick suitcase change, and then Thursday morning, I head right back to Sky Harbor, and onward to Dallas where I will meet up with some of the students attending the British Studies Program.  A portion of them will be fellow Library & Information Science students, but many will be from other disciplines: Journalism, Communication, Sociology, Psychology, English, Music, Theatre… all traveling together to take part in coursework, research, and firsthand experience of the heart of London.  We fly from Dallas to London, where our group will meet with the five other groups traveling from various airports around the country.

I will do my best to keep a consistent record of my trip, even if it’s just through pictures.  Still two weeks out from departure, so back to the list-making I go!